Direct To Garment Platen 14" x 10" (Hoodie)


A great option for multi-garment printing. Each platen serves a purpose that the standard size is unable to accommodate.

*The youth platen accommodates infant-sized onesies as well as youth shirts.

*The Koozie accommodates just that...koozies as well as short sleeves.

*The 10" x 12" is a great option for smaller garments in general. (smaller shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, etc.) Our 10" x 12" is by far the most popular choice as an alternative to the standard size. 

*The Single sleeve platen accommodates long sleeves as well as short sleeves. Quick on and off process for a speedier production time. 

*The Larger 16"x20" is great for accomodating the larger size shirts. This platen helps with ensuring a maximum imprint area is utilized as well as makes it easier to keep the larger (2XL and up) shirts aligned as they go on.

*Our newest platen the 14"x10" is great for hoodies! It allows for a maximum imprint area from left to right as well as from pocket to collar! 

Our Alignment Grid takes the guesswork out of placement of your designs. Our grid is setup to match the grid on garment creator (based on the 14"x16" settings in garment creator). This grid has the layout for each of the platens we offer. Simply place the grid over the garment, and align the design on the screen based on the grid. Printed on clear, durable material that will last job after job! Alignment grid included with the purchase of each platen.