• DTG Platen - Face Mask Jig

    $150.00 $125.00

    SIMPLIFY the process!

    We have a jig that sits directly on your current DTG printer. Our product stretches the mask flat, and is taken directly off the printer to a heat press. Multiple jigs streamline the printing/pressing process! Topper (picture 5) measures 6" wide x 3.5" tall for the imprint area. Jig itself measure a total of 15"w x 5"t, with the ear supports stretched to 13" wide. There are mutiple slots to attach the ear supports.

    Purchase multiple jigs and receive a discount!!!!

    *Pictures of masks printed, were on Sanmars Port Authority Cotton Knit Face Mask PAMASK.  We are not endorsing this product, we are simply stating this is the product we use and created the jig around.